One of the things needed for any home is pest control. However even more important si with a custom home because of the amount of money invested into it.

Top Reasons to Protect Your Investment

  1. Protecting your vital pieces of the home.

One thing many do not realize is that bugs love the inner workings of a home. Wire insulation, insulation, wood and even certain piping can attract damaging insects. They have also been know to wreak havoc with your appliances as well and in some instances your pool equipment.

That being said it is obvious that you want the ability to maintain the cleanliness on the areas that you don’t see so that your home doesn’t fall apart from the inside out.

2. Your health

This is related to your home but if you aren’t healthy then you are not enjoying your home like you should. If you have a home that took time and money to build then the last thing you want is for it to affect your health. Bugs carry diseases and filth everywhere they go and pollute the air as well. Keep a consistent schedule to eradicate the pest from your home.

3. Save money on repairs

The estimate that bugs will cause damage to homes in the billions every year. That money can be better spent on improving your home. Landscaping, interior sound equipment, and pool patios could enhance the value of your home immediately. However if you are dropping all your money down the drain repairing the damage the bugs cause, you will not have the advantage to implement these improvements.

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Custom Homes need Pest Control

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