Hiring the perfect handyman takes a little research. You know the old saying, “A expert at everything, a master of nothing.” Or something like that.

Sometimes your home will have certain repairs needed where you don’t need to hire a general contractor. If it is something that doesn’t need a license then you can definitely check out a handyman.

Handyman services are ideal for simple repairs. Like for instance your doors need repositioning, a window needs to be replaced, floors tiled or installing appliances or garbage disposals.

Some handymen will even do a complete renovation on your kitchen or bathroom. As long as you don’t need to extend any of the building then you are not in need of a permit.

Another benefit of a handyman is they usually can come out pretty quickly to assess and repair the job. General contractors usually have a busier schedule so they an look at job but can’t do the work for a couple weeks.

Handymen also are good at painting as well. It is another task they can do without having a permit.

You want to do your homework though on them. They could be a traveling handyman where they swoop in and do a bunch of half baked jobs and then leave town before they get caught.

Finding established company using word of mouth and reviews online. You can also see how long they have been in business by checking their business number with the state.

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Hiring the Perfect Handyman

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